Quality and environment politics

AS B-plast vision is to offer its customers and partners the products that meet their requirements. To produce larger and technically more complicated plastic products and increse the services to offer.
AS B-plast mission is to ensure its profitability and the employee satisfaction. To invest in the improvement of technology and acquiring new equipment to reduce the proportion of human labour.

The goal of the companys environmental policy is to influence the environment as little as possible. The plastic waste is recycled if possible, if not then utilized according to the regulations of EU.
AS B-plast complies with all the laws and regulations within the EU
Environmental targets:
• To use only the materials that meet our technical requirements and also prefer environmental friendly materials
• To reuse as many packages and packing materials as possible
• To upgrade older equipment with new, more energy efficient technology
• To prevent harming the environment in any way with the noise that comes from our production
• To raise employees environmental awarness and by that reducing the waste

We carry out production operations for articles intended to come into contact with food in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006