September 21, 2018

Flowpack, plastic cutlery

Now we produce also cutlery from biodegradable raw material.

We pack with Flowpack machine knives, forks and spoons with napkin, salt, pepper and toothpick. As a customer wishes also other products can be packed.

White cutlery set       

We offer different types of cultlery:

– knife (weight 2,8 g; length 159 mm),

– fork (weight 2,9 g; length 159 mm),

– small fork with cutting edge (weight 1,5 g; length 130 mm),

– spoon (weight 2 g, length 125 mm),

– small spoon (weight 1g, length 105 mm)

– stirrers (weight 1 g), coffee cups, saucers.


We produce and pack cutlery according to customers request– different quantity in palstic bag, different colors of product.