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About us
September 21, 2018

About us

AS B-plast is a company based on Estonian private capital, founded in 1994.

Our main line of business is production of plastic items by injection moulding, assembly and packing different products.

The management system of AS B-plast has been found to conform to the Quality System Standard EN ISO 9001 ed 2000 since 12.12.2001. Since 11.10.2010 the management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Bureau Veritas Eesti OÜ.

The company employs 15 people. We have 1300 m2 of shop floor plus storage areas, office rooms, etc.

The company has injection moulding machines, moulds, trucks, etc. and equipment for repairing moulds, also micro welding equipment.

We usually sell our products to retailers. We work on subcontract basis for Swedish and Finnish companies (injection moulding of plastic, assembly and packing of products).

A considerable share of our products is exported to Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Export accounts for 75% of our sales.

In 1998, in co-operation with a Swedish company we founded Dagöplast AS (www.dagoplast.ee), a company for production of plastic film, which is also our business partner.

Our production waste will be recycled.

New customers are expected to us. We are interested in production of plastic injection moulding products and in assembly and packing these products.

We provide also a service which includes only assembly and packing different products.

Please make the requests about the products and prices by e-mail.